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Kithen smile

Pancakes for breakfast (FOR Daddy!)

Andrea made sure she had her alarm set for early enough; but she was so excited that it had barely beeped before she turned it off - and better that way, not to wake Anna Min.

It would be the first time she tried to make pancakes (or, as she'd read those were refferred to in the USA, 'crêpes'); so she'd carefully prepared herself the night before, making sure the recipe was detailed enough, and that they had all the ingredients. She stirred the mix easily enough; it gave her a little pause to try and determine if it was with the right thickness, but she decided it would show when she started cooking them, and carefully turned the stove on, placing the pan with just an as small a drop of oil in as she could manage, then watched it heat.

Taking a deep breath, she poured a small ladle of the mix into the pan and tried to make it spread that it would make a circle. Only it didn't work quite as she'd seen it happen... It because sort of... angly, and with holes. She frowned at it, and watched it concnetratedly for when it might be cooked enough to turn it.

And the flipping of it turned to be more difficult than it seemed when it was done by somebody else too, but after a few tries, she succeeded. By which time that side of the pancake was almost burned.

Andrea gritted her teeth, then carefully turned the burner lower.
She was going to make good pancakes, she was!

And she got the hang of it by the fourth one. Turning the heat down was an intuitive, but good idea. Her pancakes became more normal-looking; she even started to learn how to guess when it wasn't too early to start turning them so they stayed in one piece. And she secretly even ate the first one, the one with the most corners, to make sure the taste was right too!

In about a quarter of an hour, she'd gotten down to actually letting her attention stray while the pancakes were cooking.

She even made sure to go and check how much of the chocolate spread they had, so she'd know whether to keep it all for daddy or there would be 'nuff for everyone...

So when Remus finally made his way downstairs for breakfast before going to school, there were enough for everybody, and mostly? For him.


Remus was raking his fingers through his still-wet hair from the shower as he made his way to the kitchen, ready to get breakfast started. He was still in regular clothes; he waited until it was time to leave to change into his robes.

When the smell of the pancakes caught his attention, he paused briefly in surprise at the doorway, a small warm smile on his face.

"Good morning."
Andrea was midway through turning the - what seemed to her - last but one pancake and she almost dropped the spatula at the sound of his voice, but finished - successfully - and then turned to him, her smile very very bright.

"Good morning! Right on time, they're all nice and warm..." which was about as far as she could get with the 'look how grown up I am!' thing. Then she just skipped to him and gave him a big hug.

"See! I can make them too! Come and sit down while I set the table for you. With pumpkin juice and spread for the pancakes too!"
He returned the hug, still surprised to see her here, with breakfast ready and everything. His mind was still wondering how and when she had managed to be suddenly so grown up when she offered to set the table.

"Thank you, love, but let me help you with setting the table." It was the week prior to the full moon - staying still was not even a thought even if there were times when he did need it. "Meanwhile you can get the juice and spread."

His smile widened and he added, "It all smells wonderful."
She beamed. "I think it's the vanilla in the recipe. You sure?" She moved back to the stove and slipped the pancake out of the pan, then set about pouring the last of the mix in and spreading it around the pan.

And cue wrinkling of her nose. "Oy. I think this one will be even more cornery than the first one." She still gave her best, then dropped the bowl to be washed (Ok, she might even think about washing it up too, later), then moved to take out the chocolate spread.

"There's plenty, you see?"

She had the feeling she was almost dancing around the kitchen. Maybe because of his smile; maybe because of the praise from him?
"It doesn't matter if it is 'cornery,'" he assured her with a chuckle and walked over to get plates and glasses.

"This is a very nice surprise, Andrea; thank you."
She objected to her own 'craftsmanship' "But they're supposed to be round, aren't they?" But she was smiling as she left the chocolate spread on the table and walked to get the juice.

"It was fun, daddy. I'm glad you like it." A small pause. "I think if you want coffee though, you'll need to make it or wait for mum - because I can warm water for tea or chocolate on the stove, but the coffee is... more complicated?" Of course, the fact that she wasn't yet interested in coffee MIGHT have had something to do with the fact that she didn't know how to make it?