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Red orchids

... and I'm ganking it too (Adam, the count might go up to fifty...)

Okay by now you probably KNOW the deal. I can't do on-line shopping without a guide. So, if you want to know what Andrea got your pup for Christmas, comment here and specify which timeline aka name the community please. Yes, you can choose more than one timeline - but just tell me which ones.



(any timeline *g*)
Harry! Right, so I did fish the presents out of my trunk...

There is this - it's an old book about Jinn and counterspells for them. For some reason I think it MIGHT come in handy, to have the knowledge and skill, as an Auror.

Then this - a bunch of incense sticks for various moods - there's one for calming down, and one for just... romantic mood, I've got a suspicion you might eventually want to have that. You push the end of the stick in this slot, and light the other end - it just needs to smoke, a lightly. It's the smell that does the trick. They're good.

And, there is this - a glowglobe - you need to start it with your wand - of Calcutta at its most glorious.

And when I'm done with pensieving the most interesting stuff, you can have your pick *grins*
Harry... Now let's see. *hands over a certificate 'Pancake breakfast when you want one!'* this is for when you're feeling down and such.

Then this is a recipe for special owl treats. I'm going to be growing this and this, so I thought if you wanted to join me to making it, we could all give our pets something special, especially when they're extra tired.

And *grins* A gift certificate for Fortescue's. It may be winter, but ice-cream is always good, no?
'Lo Andi! *any timeline!*
Andrea had gotten another future-Auror-oriented book for Adam (one that included elaborate explanations about how to recognise 'karma' from actual malicious spells so one'd know when to look for a crook and when to let go).

And a little figurine of a lotus blossom. Made of wood and specially hand-worked.

And a twirling dervish figurine in a globe.

The note reads,


I think the book might come in useful for an Auror-to-be; I've given an entirely different one to Harry so you two can exchange and then discuss.

The lotus flower? It is supposed to help inner balance and peace. I know sometimes you and mum can be hopeless, but maybe a little something to kind-of focus your... 'energy' might help? Especially when you do get into training and later at work. I've never heard mum to have actually tripped while working... just on the breaks.

And the twirling dervish, that is a sort of a prayer. Or so I was told. A prayer that you have to put your... thoughs you want to pray for into, and then as long as it twirls, you still think that and it's supposed to be coming closer to you (if you've asked for it) or keeps being appreciated (if it's a prayer of thanks).

Oh, and you know that if you need herbs for potions, or even flowers for somebody, you can always come/owl to ask, right?

Love, and happy Christmas,
Alright, kiddo. Go for it.
*scurries to get two boxes from under the tree.

One had been the cause for much hesitation, but in the end she'd settled on a bracelet. It had been the leather that finally got her to choose it. All the others looked a little girly, at least the ones SHE had liked, but this one looked cool enough for Teddy.

The other box? Contains a thin notebook with a few scribbled poems in it. Most are for the coolest big brother ever; one is for Victoire, and two for little Sophia. And they are meant for his eyes only for now, all of them, and the note in the beginning of the notebook says that clearly. It's probably the first time she dares let on, openly, more than a short thing here and there; these - have been seen only by her twin.*

Happy Christmas, Teddy. *smiling a little shyly* I hope you like these!
*the bracelet is on at once because he does love it, and reads some of the poems before giving her a soft smile* Oh, Andi... These...

*picks her up so he could hug her and kiss her cheek* Thank you. They're lovely.
*smiles shyly and holds on to him tight* Thank you. 'm glad you like them. *burries her head in his neck* 'm so worried sometimes they are too silly.
*kisses the top of her head* I love them, I don't think they're silly at all. I'd better get this notebook autographed, for when you become a famous writer, yeah?
*looks up, surprised* Yeah? *and beams* You think so? Of course I'd sign it, if you want me to!
*smiles wider* Yeah, I really think so! And I would love an autograph, Miss Lupin. If you'd be so kind.