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That questions things going around...

I think by now you know the drill WELL. Tag, and I'll ask you five questions. My answers will go here, really.

For i_am_sanguini
1. What about Herbology appeals most to you?
Life. The sprouting of the seed, the first appearance above-soil, the development... the way plants change and what they can do.
Oh, and the fact that I'm making it work, too.

2. In ten years what would you like most to be able to say you've accomplished?
Hopefully, assisted Anna Min in her work on improving the Wolfsband potion. Although that might be just a smidgeon optimistic, but - we are a good team.

3. Do you realize what a privilege it is to have a bright, inquisitive mind such as yours in my class?
*beams* Thank you! It is a priviledge to be taught by you. And sometimes, it feel like if I don't ask questions, they are going to remain unasked, and the answers are too interesting to pass by. Or the... thinking about the answers.

4. Lest favorite food?
Yams, actually. *shrugs*

5. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
The egg. A change, genetically, cannot happen in an animal after its conception. So the first of the actual species would have occurred when an egg of the preliminary species, whatever it was, was, ah, fertilised. So the first "egg" came to be in the corresponding 'proto' chicken before the first 'chicken' could be hatched.
Or at least the scientific explanation goes something like that.
Both chicken and egg came before the lot of us who ask though, so... it's just a theory.

For r_moony
1. (either timeline) What's one wish you have?
(er... grownhp) To find and know more people who are as great as you are!

2. (either) Favourite book?
Jane Austen's Persuasion

3. (hp beyond) Do you have plans to travel more?
Not immediately. But seeing other places is too interesting to never ever do it again.

4. (hp beyond) What are your plans now?
Get hold of Anna Min and find out where she's reached with her research, and how I can help.

5. (either) Do you know how proud I am of you?
*beams and hugs him* Thank you, dad. I love you and am proud of you too.



Any timeline, anything :D
1. hp_beyond: Are you sure that the move to Itally is a good choice FOR the people you're asking to move with you?

2. (any?) Favourtie mischief you put me up to?

3. One time you thought something was a wicked cool idea... and didn't do it because you realised it'd frighten or upset somebody?

4. Favourite vacation spot from where mum and dad have taken us to?

5. What do you love most about yourself?
1. ...rain on my parade why don't you... I know it's unfair of me to ask them. Trust me, I do. But I'm NOT going to force them to move with me. I already said that, if they don't move, I will simply be commuting a lot.

2. Tricking Dad into something. Anything. He needs the laughs, even if we get The Look at first.

3. Move away at Leo's age.

4. Portugal.

5. The ability to keep things light.
1. Sorry. I'd rather the first wave of doubt came to you from me than from either of them, should that come to happen. *nods* I know you wouldn't force them.

2. *laughs* He does. I meant one that you already have put me up to, but... I'm open to suggestions. After all, what is a carefully built-up reputation but means to better surprise people?

3. Oy. Did you have someplace in particular in mind? I thought you liked Hogwarts...

5. I love it too.
1. Heh. Thanks? I don't think anyone would have thought it, because they know me well enough to know that I would never do anything to persuade them to go if they didn't want to. But thanks for the 'generosity.'

2. I'll let you know; I can't think of anything right now.

3. No, I didn't. And I did I like Hogwarts; I wanted a place of my own for when I was away from school.
*sighs* Again, sorry. And I mean it.
I love you too, love.

Do you have any questions for me?
1. If you were stuck on a desert island, who would be the two people you want there with you?

2. What are three things that people do that always, or at least usually, manage to make you feel better immediately?

3. Is there are book that you've read but immediately wished you hadn't?

4. Favourite means of getting from one place to another? (and, if you want to say, why?)

5. Proudest moment?
1. *chuckles* I have five children and a big number of people I can't live without, and you are asking me to choose? I'm afraid I cannot possibly make a decision like that.

2. Listening with an open mind, knowing I'm not being judged, and reassurance. Not necessarily physical reassurance, but honest reassurance from someone.

3. No. There's something to learn from even the worst book you can think of.

4. Walking, if I can. I'm used to it, and it's good exercise. Apparating for anything else.

5. Whenever I look at any of you.