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Grown: curled around herself

Good intentions? The road to hell.

I'm shutting up. Sorry to all.


Don't you dare shut up Andrea, ever. You had a concern, you told him. He got mad. That was his fault not yours.
He got upset at himself. I expected him to get upset at me, but not upset like justify-his-actions upset. *shakes her head* Sorry. I just meant to make... oh never mind. Good intentions. Don't matter all that much, I still hurt him.

Thank you. I'm sure it'll pass. It's just that the more I talk, the worse I make things anyway.
Let him be upset for a few minutes, he'll calm down. You did nothing wrong, Andrea.

Not usually. So don't stop talking, please.
I... don't know. Maybe I should have done less wrong if I'd stayed away from it.

Thank you, Adam. I just don't want to keep on putting salt on the cut I already made.
Everything will be okay. It's a big annoucement and we all have the right to react to it.